Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Linkish Links

It was with a little thrill that I learned John LeBlanc (no relation to the Suspense radio episode) included a link to this li'l blog on his website. It seemed only fair that I do the same, that is - list his also. This meant I needed to do at least a cursory reading of his blog, which I did, and found it entertaining and informative. What's more, I didn't find any obscenities in it, which means I can recommend it. You'll find it listed to the right with some highfalutin' French name (Escamoteurettes) which means John has something to say. He's one of the people who really think through mentalism, and has led some mighty interesting discussions.

Since I was re-doing the blog page's template anyway, I thought I'd include a few more sites which are dear to my heart.

Richard Osterlind is a good friend and arguably the greatest mentalist since Joseph Dunninger. His site is listed, and if you dig into the "magicians" section, you'll find not only a store, but his blog. Said blog includes some of the best ideas and applications which your everyday entertainer could hope for; the store -- well, I'd just as soon you not buy anything from him. That way, I get to hog it all.

Steve Pellegrino runs Magicentric, and his are opinions which the amateur and professional should heed. What I really like about Steve is that he can make mistakes, admit them, apologize, and press on. In a business fraught with egos, that makes him quite unique. Plus which, his entries are always entertaining, usually informative, and frequently outlandish. You'll love it.

Meridian Magazine is my favorite on-line magazine, and can wring a smile out of the most depressing day. It's not rose-coloured glasses either; sometimes it cuts to the quick. And I really miss Jack Anderson's editorial hand; he was one of the hardest-hitting reporters of the past 40-50 years and the world is poorer without him.

Google News is just a convinient place to find the local news.


Blogger John LeBlanc said...

Thanks for the link back to Escamoteurettes, Chet. Isn't it interesting that a fellow who doesn't use unfortunate language in his blog is the odd man out these days?

Blogger *jeep! --Chet said...

Can we expect different in a time when evil is called good, and good is called evil? Or as a hero of mine once said, superamalgamated bummer!

Blogger Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

Hi Chet nice blog you should write more in it more often.

I just added you to my blog roll.

Best ahead,

Glenn Bishop

Blogger *jeep! --Chet said...

Glenn, that is so nice of you! I feel ashamed that I didn't have a link to your blog -- the truth is, I thought you'd closed your blog. I am happy (heck, I'm delighted!) to find it working and healthy.


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