Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More on pettiness

A very few folks have suggested that I talk about Richard Osterlind too much in these entries. Get over it. Since mentalism is a key topic here, it's inevitable. And this is a follow-up to my earlier entry. Steve Pellegrino (Go check his wonderful sites!) dug a little into what the Petty Thieves were saying and doing, and posted, at Mentalist Sanctum, a terrific post that I urge you to go read:
-- and my reply follows below.

Hm, I think I "get it" now, Steve. All this nonsense over the past couple o' years hasn't been an attack on Richard, per se, but an attack on all Richard represents. "Old school" (I don't think Richard OR Jim would be insulted at that term. This is, by the way, the term used for we who still prefer wood axles for our yo-yos.) seems to enrage these frustrated kids. I've seen this in more than one field. (I was attacked VERY strongly by persons at Duncan Toys, re: their "finger" TV commercial.) It's a mark of wannabes, and - as you noted - kids who want to emulate what they see on TV, including the video edits.

Unable to build themselves up, they take the easy road of trying to tear down an obvious symbol of reality - since they're stuck on "unreality." Unable to be good themselves, they're determined to destroy good.

Richard should be flattered. A man is measured not just by the friends he's made, but by the enemies he has. It's like discovering that the Ku Klux Klan has put you on their hate list.


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