Saturday, April 29, 2006

'Til We Meet Again

It will be awhile before I can check in here again. I'll be on the road -- I have a house to close up, and a brother who's getting set to have three tumors removed from his neck. So until I return, play safe, look both ways before crossing the street.

And if you smoke, please consider dropping it. I've lost a sister, many friends, and possibly my little brother soon --- thanks to tobacco.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont smoke, thank God, nor do I know many people that do.

Torn and restored cigarett always amused me though.

Best of luck to your brother. Glad I stumbled across your blog :)


Blogger *jeep! --Chet said...

Thank you, Leif. As you'll see above, my li'l brother is Much Better Now. But the young dummy STILL won't stop smoking! Sheesh!


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