Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why Paint Magic as Evil?

How many times have I seen some "magician" joyfully exclaim that "they thought I'd sold my soul to Satan"? Wayne Houchin makes this infantile boast on his Stigmata DVD; others proclaim that their routines convince people they're possessed or otherwise evil. And then they complain that people aren't more accepting of magic, that "those superstitious hicks" are offended by magicians, and don't see our craft as an art.

Are they mad?

Not only are they glorifying in being perceived as evil, they're upset that their audiences don't rejoice in perceiving them as evil.

And they have this rash assumption (carried over from Faustian literature) that Satan is someone who can grant great power, that he has great power which can be bestowed, and that (somehow) Heavenly Father is helpless against it. (This carries over to the idea that someone could be possessed against their will.)

In another time, another place -- are these the people who would try to conquer populations by fear and intimidation, with smoke, mirrors, and terror?

Our vocation/avocation will always be mistrusted as long as there are people who abuse it.

--Gran'pa Chet


Blogger Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

Great post Chet and I think that magic is better if it comes from love rather than evil.

The devil looking magicians was what many of the old full evening show magicians used to use.

Kellar, Dante, Carter, Thurston and even Blackstone Sr. Had the little red imps and devils.

Today I think that magic is better if it is light hearted and fun. And is presented with love of doing it as well as a love of people as people.


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