Thursday, August 17, 2006

Politically Incorrect

Seems as if too many of these posts are about "what's wrong with magic." This one might well be a "what's wrong with people?"

I've been raked over the coals at a few places on the internet, because I've opposed a point of view which says that exposing other people's acts is just fine, and that bigotry is just fine. Disgarding the out-and-out hate mail, responses I've received are of four types:

1. They don't expose any tricks which aren't theirs. (This is a flat-out falsehood.)

2. They only disagree with certain groups; they're not bigoted. (We'll answer that in a minute.)

3. They do good works.

Anyone who points out evil, should practically be shot on sight.

Most of the fuss focuses upon a specific duo because they're currently getting the most attention. But next decade, it'll be some other hate group or celebrity. Past decades have seen momentary popularity of such "icons" as David Duke, the KKK, and Joe McCarthy. Eventually, history blips over the damage they do, but it's murder during the events.

This group for instance, has advocated violence against an entire religion, boasts of having stolen from a charitable organization (and advocates their readers do the same), inspired and encouraged vandalism of a church outside of Anchorage a few years ago --- and we've not even discussed their delight in ruining other people's acts.

As to their good works -- It's awfully Christian to see that they participated in a benefit for a magician who'd been all but destroyed in an auto accident. Despite, as one of their loyal worshippers said, the fact that the injured magician was a Christian. Sometime, we'll talk about the difference between actual self-sacrifice and taking a few hours of one's time. And I certainly hope the benefit didn't expose any of the injured magician's act.

This is the way they want the public to perceive magicians and magic. I'd druther be perceived as a friendly dad & gran'pa who hopes to make life a little easier, a little better for my brothers and sisters. Which means, no matter the money or fame, this gran'pa won't be trying to destroy other people's lives.


Blogger Jaron said...


You show remarkable restraint in not only leaving out the names of the (currently) prominent members of the mystery performance profession but in also each and every word that you've written out - I find it incredible that you find yourself willing, let alone able, to NOT fly into a righteous rage at the "pros'" antics.

The one thing I have to say in their benefit is that at least one of them keeps their mouth shut on a general basis.

Blogger *jeep! --Chet said...

"Restraint" isn't exactly a strength of mine, Jaron. But I did go back over this and remove names, figuring there might be people in the near future who've never heard of them - and I'd just as soon not introduce such lucky people to said depressing antics.

Thank you, Jaron. I busted out laughing at your last line!

--Gran'pa Chet

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where can I read the material to which you refer? There are some nasty people out there....

Keep up the good work......opie

Blogger *jeep! --Chet said...

Opie, these were at various discussion groups and through personal e-mails. One was the Cafe, so the whole discussion is probably edited or delted by now. Can't remember the other places -- I think there was a chatroom when my laptop could pick up -- Anyway, I don't think you'd care to actually read insults which were directed at me, if you'd want to read insults at all.

--Granpa Chet


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